What makes an idea for an app a good idea?

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I’ve been dealing with this question often lately. Being involved with making app they seem to become part of your train of thought. The best possible application solves a problem. Be it a small one or a big one. It doesn’t have to be an obvious problem. You don’t even have to call it a problem. It makes your life easier somehow giving you more room for activities.

This, in my opinion, is why the app market has exploded in recent years. Many people now have easier access to applications that make their life a little bit better. As a developer being able to have helped at least one person make their life a little bit better is one of the biggest compliments one can get.


The next step is making your idea marketable. You have to believe in it and be able to bring it down to it’s simplest form. Start small and grow slowly constantly taking in feedback to make the application better. If you start too big you run the risk of creating something with great complexity. It’s easier to let your users grow with your application. And never forget those who are picking it up for the first time.

Your clients are willing to pay for a good solution. I hate to get all “field of dreams” but if you build it they will come. It is important to not forget that some of the best ideas will come from your users. Some of them might use your apps more than you do and have to deal with the day to day use of your “solution”. This is one of the lessons I have learned
doing application development.

The voice of the few

Watch out for the “trolls” though. Negative reviews I have seen and gotten are not always because of flaws in the application but because people don’t understand a certain function or behavior. This should be taken into account when figuring out why some people didn’t understand an instruction. Use this information to make the idea or application better.

I’ve always been in favor of open communication, I see this as one of the drawbacks of the Apple App store user reviews. I can’t send the user a message asking them for more info. I really want to make my app better, I really do.


Let your idea grow and mature into a solid idea. You can do this in your head, by asking friends and by drawing it out. Use it in your mind and try to find the pitfalls and figure out ways to avoid them. Draw it out, make mockups, print it out with a 3d printer if you can. Any and all sources of input should be welcome. Do not take this to the extreme, set yourself deadlines and work with best possible solutions. You do not want to land in an endless development cycle. At one time or another, you have to move on to the next step. Don’t go for perfect, go for awesome.

So what make an idea a good idea?

Well (plot twist!) I think all ideas have some legitimacy to them. There are bound to be users that will use your app and like your solution. The real hard part is working with your idea to make it into a useable product. And it’s not a great secret that only some people know. It takes hard work and time, lots of time.

What makes an idea a good idea is you. If you’re willing to stay open, work with the feedback that you get and set and accomplish goals then you’re probably going to have several good ideas and solutions. So go, work hard and accomplish your idea and maybe
even your dreams.

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